Rosie The Riveter Construction Worker Lunch Box Set

Jane's Hardware

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Combining beauty with brawn, our Rosie the Riveter Construction Worker Dome Lunch Box set puts together the tough Stanley steel lunch box with the beautiful stainless steel White Butterfly thermos bottle. This lunchbox set is a great gift for yourself, or that "riot grrrl" in your life. Both are built to last and will give you many years of use with proper care. Bought separately, these two are $93.90. We're offering the pair now for only $79.50.


  • Lunch Box is made of 0.6mm heavy gauge steel for ultimate durability
  • Deep midnight navy hammertone finish for that classic industrial look
  • Dome top of the lunch box has a swing arm to hold flask bottle in place
  • Industrial grade latches and back hinge
  • Thermos bottle is made of stainless steel
  • Thermos bottle is vacuum insulated for ultimate temperature retention
  • Bottle comes with a twist and pour stopper


  • Lunchbox measures about 12 inches wide, 9 tall, and 6 deep
  • Lunchbox holds about 10 Qts (9.4 liters)
  • Thermos bottle holds about 16 Oz. (470 mL) and is about 10" tall, 2.6" in diameter
  • Shipping Weight: 6 lbs.