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The Most Annoying Work Habits Revealed In New Study

The Most Annoying Work Habit
You sit next to them everyday, you spend more time with them than your own family - it’s only a matter of time until one of your colleagues grinds your gears.

Whether it’s listening to Christmas songs in July, pinching your packed lunch from the communal fridge (“MY SANDWICH!”) or rambling on about their love life as if they’re doing a VT on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, there’s a smorgasbord of things coworkers can do to rub you up the wrong way. Read more...

Here's Why Skipping Your Lunch Break Is a Huge Mistake

Breakfast might be "the most important meal of the day"—but don't overlook the importance of lunch breaks at work! That midday meal is key to your health and productivity.
Taking a Bento Box to Work

We’ve all done this. Your workload piles up and you don’t even have time to notice that you’re hungry, let alone focus on the importance of lunch breaks at work. Then, a few hours later hunger pangs strike, sending you digging for a stale protein bar or bag of trail mix. You can do better! Read more...

Mickey Mouse Lunch Box

Mickey Mouse Lunch Box

Lunch Breaks Under Threat

The days of clocking off for an hour to take a break and grab some food look like they could be numbered. More than seven workers in ten are no longer taking their full lunch hour, with the average Brit only managing 31 minutes before heading back. Read more...
Lunchbox for Work

Pilsner Urquell Lunch Box

Pilsner Urquell Lunchbox

Slush Puppie Lunch Box

Slush Puppie Lunch Box

Star Wars Lunch Box

Star Wars Lunchbox

Dutch Bros Stop On The Way Back From Arizona

Dutch Bros Coffee For Lunch

What Is The Right Age To Have A Child?

Over the past three decades, there has been a steady increase in the average age of parents.
Average Age of Mothers and Fathers
Advances in fertility science mean that people can, literally, put their eggs or sperm on ice and delay the start of parenthood. Many large companies, such as Apple, Facebook and Google, now offer egg freezing to employees as part of their healthcare package. Putting off having a baby has never been easier or more socially acceptable. But is it a good thing? Read more...

NFL Football Lunch Box

NFL Football Lunch Box
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