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  • Dungeons & Dragons Lunch Box

    Dungeons & Dragons Lunch Box

    Our red Dungeons & Dragons metal lunch box is a nostalgic tribute to the iconic role-playing game, featuring artwork from the 1983 edition of the D&D Basic Set Player's Manual....

    Alexis P |

  • Mickey Mouse and Minnie Lunch Box

    Mickey Mouse and Minnie Lunch Box

    This particular Mickey Mouse and Minnie embossed lunch box was the last in our exclusive collection, showcasing the timeless charm of Disney's iconic duo. With intricate embossing and vibrant colors,...

    Alexis P |

  • Cowgirl Embossed Lunch Box

    Cowgirl Embossed Lunch Box

    Our captivating Cowgirl metal lunch box features embossed designs on both sides, showcasing enchanting silhouettes of cowgirls riding horseback along the sideband. Its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail make...

    Alexis P |

  • Dr. Dolittle Thermos Bottle

    Dr. Dolittle Thermos Bottle

    The vintage Dr. Dolittle thermos bottle from the 1967 Stanley lunch box set transports us to a whimsical world where the good doctor tends to a menagerie of wild animals...

    Alexis P |

  • How to Criticize with Kindness

    How to Criticize with Kindness

    “In disputes upon moral or scientific points,” Arthur Martine counseled in his magnificent 1866 guide to the art of conversation, “let your aim be to come at truth, not to...

    Michele B |

  • Transformers Lunch Box with Thermos Bottle

    Transformers Lunch Box with Insulated Bottle

    Our vintage Transformers metal lunch box from the year 2010 showcases iconic Optimus Prime in an epic battle on the front, capturing the timeless struggle between good and evil. Crafted...

    Alexis P |

  • Star Wars Ewok Lunch Box

    Return of the Jedi - Ewok - Lunch Box

    Our Thermos brand Star Wars Return of the Jedi lunch box from 1983, now in our permanent collection, is a cherished collector's item, featuring the beloved character Wicket the Ewok...

    Alexis P |

  • Chuck Wagon Dome Lunch Box

    Chuck Wagon Dome Lunch Box

    The Chuck Wagon dome-shaped metal lunch box with a striking red handle embodies the pioneer spirit of the old West while evoking the nostalgia of vintage lunch boxes. Crafted with...

    Alexis P |

  • The JP Patches Show Lunch Box

    The JP Patches Show Lunch Box

    This sneak peek of our upcoming JP Patches Show embossed metal lunch box offers fans a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Featuring intricate embossing, this lunch box showcases beloved characters...

    Alexis P |