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Want Your Kids To Eat More Lunch? Pack LESS!

Packing lunches is not always a task I enjoy.
Easy Lunchbox
To put it mildly. So when my kids were bringing their lunch boxes home at the end of a school day and half the food was uneaten, it felt like insult to injury. I knew they should be eating more food because they were famished after school. So I made a change: I started packing less food. And when I did, they actually started eating... Read more.

Can You Guess How Much Money You Save by Bringing Lunch to Work Every Day?

It’s nearly impossible
Save Money By Bringing Lunch to Work in a Lunch Box
to get through the workday without eating something. Come lunchtime, our stomachs are rumbling, concentration fades, and a lunch break is a welcome distraction. Some people bring lunch to work while others... Read more.

Pack Healthy, Hearty Lunches with This Six Layer Formula

Packing your
Bento Lunchbox
own lunch saves money and gets you to eat healthier, but finding combinations that both taste great and fill you up is tough. This formula makes sure you always have balanced, delicious box lunches.

While the video in the article mentions using a bento box, you really just need a decent reusable container to brown bag your six layer lunch... Read more.

Halo-Halo Fridays

Halo-Halo Philippine Food

Little Splurges For Lunch Add Up If You're Not Careful

Dining out a few times per week might not seem like a big deal ... until you do the math.

Save on a Lunch Box
On average, Americans spend about $20 per week getting lunch in restaurants, or $1,043 a year, according to a survey out last week of 2,033 people by Visa taken in July and August. What's more, when you add in the costs of takeout and brown-bag meals, respondents spent $53 a week, for a grand total of $2,746 a year. Read more...

The One Trick To Know When Picking Out Avocados

Avocado Lunchbox
Doctors and nutritionist alike sing the praises of the green fruit with a spreadable flesh as smooth as butter. Avocados are delicious, healthy and super trendy. Avocado toast is on menus coast to coast. But that toast doesn’t come cheap. Avocados are one of the pricier items in the... Read more.

Valentines Day Lunch Box

Valentine's Day LunchboxValentine’s Day is coming. So today I’m going to make a very special Valentine’s day Luch box that is filled with heart-shaped foods so that your special someone can feel your love. Not only is it pretty, but it is also very easy to... Read more.

Delicious Halo-Halo From Our Neighbor

Pinoy Lunch Box

End of Winter Break Brunch

Mexican Burrito Lunchbox

Clams and Donuts Dinner

Donut Lunchbox

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