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Blow Pop Lunch Box

Blow Pop Lunch Box

Alexis P |

Originally released in about the year 2010, and now in our permanent collection, the Blow Pop metal lunch box featuring the Charms Blow Pop logo on the front and red, white, blue, and yellow stripes on the sideband is a nostalgic and whimsical collectible. Adorned with vibrant colors and iconic imagery, our lunch box captures the playful spirit of the beloved candy brand. The Charms Blow Pop logo serves as a delightful reminder of the classic confectionery treat loved by many. With its durable metal construction and eye-catching design, the lunch box is both a functional container and a cherished piece of memorabilia. Whether used for storage or displayed as part of a collection, the Blow Pop metal lunch box is sure to evoke fond memories of childhood and sweet indulgence.

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