Pink Floyd Coffee Mug


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Our Pink Floyd coffee mug is a mesmerizing and captivating tribute to one of the greatest rock albums of all time. Designed with elegance and artistic flair, this coffee mug features a sleek and sturdy construction. The front of the mug showcases the iconic prism design from The Dark Side of the Moon album cover, with its vibrant colors and ethereal allure. The backside has the same image, but upside down. See inset images for more photos.

The artwork instantly transports fans into the immersive sonic landscape that Pink Floyd created. With a generous capacity and comfortable handle, this coffee mug is perfect for sipping your favorite hot beverages while immersing yourself in the timeless music and thought-provoking lyrics of Pink Floyd. Whether you're a devoted fan or simply appreciate the genius of the band, the Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon coffee mug is a must-have collectible that adds a touch of musical sophistication to your morning routine.


  • Classic shape makes drinking easy
  • Great looking photo-quality artwork
  • Hand wash only
  • Arrives in a gift-box


  • Holds about 11 Oz. (325 ml)
  • Measures about 5 inches tall and 3.5 in diameter at the base
  • Shipping weight: 3 lbs.