An American Werewolf In London Lunch Box

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Embrace the horror and unleash your inner werewolf with this lunch box inspired by the classic horror film, An American Werewolf in London. Featuring a unique design that captures the iconic imagery of the film, this metal lunch box is sure to be a howling hit among horror fans and collectors alike.

The front of our lunch box shows a close-up of the snarling werewolf. The backside showcases a striking image of a full moon in a foggy London setting, with the image of a menacing werewolf lurking in the shadows, adding to its authenticity and appeal. The detailed artwork and bold colors make for a captivating and eerie design that will catch the attention of fellow horror enthusiasts.

With its sturdy plastic handle and a metal clasp closure, this lunch box is easy to carry and securely seals. The metal construction also gives it a vintage, retro look that adds to its charm and appeal to collectors of horror memorabilia.

Whether you're a fan of An American Werewolf in London, a collector of horror merchandise, or simply someone who appreciates the thrill of the genre, this metal lunch box is a unique and eye-catching choice to show your love for the classic horror film.


  • Durable metal construction
  • Vintage, retro look for added charm and appeal
  • Striking design featuring a full moon and werewolf
  • Sturdy plastic handle and metal clasp closure for easy carrying and secure storage


  • Measures 8.75 inches wide, 6.75 tall, and 4 deep
  • Shipping weight: 3 lbs.