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Hello Kitty - Street Fighter - Lunch Box

Street Fighter Lunch Box

Alexis P |

Hello Kitty Lunch Box

Hello Kitty Street Fighter Lunch Box

Our cool embossed metal lunch box shows Hello Kitty as Chun-Li from the video game Street Fighter. The sideband shows other Sanrio charcters in Street Fighter gear as well. This is the last remaining lunchbox from a very limited production run done a few years ago. Being the last one, our Hello Kitty Street Fighter lunch box is now part of the permanent collection on display at our shop.

Leave us a comment below if you're a Hello Kitty fan or if you dropped a lot of quarters back in the day at your local arcade on Capcom games.


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I like Tekken.


This is my favorite Hello Kitty lunch box. I collect them.


You should make a Gauntlet lunch box


Do you have a Mortal Kombat lunch box?

Ton R,

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