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Cabbage Patch Kids Lunch Box

Cabbage Patch Kids Lunch Box

Alexis P |

Cabbage Patch Kids Lunchbox

Made by the Thermos Company in 1983, our Cabbage Patch Dolls lunch box and matching thermos bottle are unused and in mint condition with tags. It's a great throwback for anyone who grew up in the 80's. Being vintage lunch box that hasn't been made for over three decades, this one is now on display in our permanent collection. It is, however, available for loan to movie studios and TV productions.

Leave us a comment below if you had a cool metal lunch box back in the 1980's. We'd love to know what you carried.


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I had Strawberry Shortcake, and then Garfield! Please can you bring back the Strawberry Shortcake? Most of your styles seem to cater to guys….


Found my grandaughter one today at the thirt store she loves it

Joann Rodgers ,

I have one for sale with thermos


I miss my old lunch box. Should have kept it.

Jennifer K,

I had this same exact lunch box when I was a kid. I still had it but was lost in a move when I got married 21 yrs ago. The thermos was stolen at school and was never found. Yes, I cried my little heart out.

Andrea C,

I love it!

Natasha T.,

are u selling the cabbage patch lunch box with thermal??

christina ,

I had a plastic Cabbage Patch Dolls lunch box


Def love the Cabbage Patch Kids lunch box. Was there a Garbage Pail Kids one ever made?


I had a strawberry shortcake one in first grade and it was exactly the same as my best friends too

Jennifer K,

Cool lunchboxes!!!

Annabelle M.,

I believe this was the first toy that started a frenzy of adults lining up to get their hands on one for their kids for Christmas. It’s pretty cool, although my daughter finds the Cabbage Patch Kids to look creepy.

Josie K,

The Rambo lunch box was the best!

John T.,

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