Shark Week Lunch Box

Shark Week Lunch Box

Shark Lunch Box

Jaws Lunch Box

This year we're celebrating Shark Week with our Jaws lunch box. It is a great gift for that shark fan in your life.

Jaws movie trivia: Did you know the iconic poster wasn't created for the movie? The image of a girl swimming naively across the top of the water while a massive great white surges toward her from below was actually purloined from an illustration by artist Roger Kastel for the novel's paperback edition. (Kastel based the big fish on a great white diorama at the American Museum of Natural History, and the swimmer was modeled after a woman whom Kastel had sketched for an ad in Good Housekeeping. The story goes that he asked her to perch on a stool and pretend to swim to get the pose just right.)

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