The Empire Strikes Back Lunch Box

The Empire Strikes Back Lunch Box

This is our lunch box featuring artwork from The Empire Strikes Back. While the movie was released in 1980, this metal lunch box was made during about 2010. Being the last one in stock, it is now in our permanent collection. The lunch box shows Darth Vader looming large over the rest of the Star Wars characters. On a side note, The Empire Strikes Back was voted as the favorite movie of the Star Wars series during an unofficial poll here at our shop.

In comments below, tell us which of the Star Wars movies is your favorite?

Darth Vader Trivia: David Prowse, the actor in the Darth Vader suit, had his voice dubbed over because of his thick Bristol accent. Prowse was not happy. James Earl Jones, who ended up voicing Darth Vader, wasn’t credited in the first Star Wars (A New Hope) film.

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  • Polly A - October 08, 2020

    Empire Strikes Back is my husbands favorite. I like The Last Jedi.

  • Jenna W - August 13, 2020

    I like Return of the Jedi. Ewoks!

  • Dimitry V - August 13, 2020

    Rogue One!

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