Pac-Man Classic Lunch Box

Pac-Man Classic Lunch Box

Pac-Man Metal Lunch Box

Pac-Man Lunch Box

Our limited edition Pac-Man classic metal lunch box is now back in stock. However, once this classic sells out, we do not expect this design to return. It is a must for any gamer! The lunch box is great as a gift in itself, or as packaging for another gift; especially if you're getting a video game.

Pac-Man Trivia: One of the great creation legends of game design is that Toru Iwatani, the creative force behind the game who was only 22 years old at the time, while eating a pizza, looked down at the pie with a missing slice and used the outline as inspiration for Pac-Man's distinctive shape. The story was furthered by Iwatani himself; when Pac-Man fever was at its height, he even posed with a half-eaten pizza for a publicity photograph. But in a 1986 interview, Iwatani admitted that the legend was only "half true."

"In Japanese, the character for mouth [kuchi] is a square shape," Iwatani explained. "It's not circular like the pizza, but I decided to round it out." And thus, Pac-Man was born.


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  • Ivan - February 07, 2021

    Pac-Man can eat the pellets and ghosts; I’ll eat whatever I can carry in that lunchbox!

  • Reed A - February 05, 2021

    One lunch box pleaze!!

  • Jacob Sullivan - February 04, 2021

    I would definitely love to win this lunchbox it is too cool for words

  • Oliver C Mattson - February 03, 2021

    happy february. i’m oliver clinton mattson, former leader of the Pac-Maniacs of Northern California, an 8bit fan group I started in 1989! Best Wishes . Wakka wakka wakka.

  • Yuen - February 03, 2021

    Is this embossed like the old one?

  • Red D - January 30, 2021

    Drop down and change direction! Oh wait, wrong game

  • Jesse Perry - January 30, 2021

    Wak wak wak wak wak wak

  • Leroy - January 29, 2021

    I love Pac Man. He’s the only guy I know that gets ghosted more than me!

  • Luis Gonzales - January 29, 2021

    How many sandwiches can I fit in the lunchbox??!!

  • Ainn C - January 29, 2021

    Luv it

  • Brian - January 28, 2021

    Reminds me of the metal pac man lunch box u had as a kid

  • Cris T - January 28, 2021

    I’m the biggest Pacman fan. I’ll show it off to everyone. About town.

  • Misty Rummell - January 28, 2021

    I love this the graphics are awesome!

  • Kelli - January 28, 2021

    I am a pac man queen and love this lunch box. I’d definitely use it everyday.

  • Shuri K - January 27, 2021

    I hope to win

  • Richard Mca - January 27, 2021

    More quarters!

  • Rhea - January 27, 2021

    My sister had the yellow Ms. Pac-Man lunch box in the 1980s. She had it until finally selling it at a garage sale. Too bad.

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