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Grateful Dead Lunch Box

Grateful Dead Lunch Box

Alexis P |

Grateful Dead Lunchbox

Grateful Dead Metal Lunch Box

Our latest metal lunch box is a tribute to the classic band Grateful Dead. This is the second metal lunch box version we've released featuring the Dead. This too has colorful artwork including the Steal Your Face graphic on the front and backside, with dancing bears on the sideband. This version of the Grateful Dead lunch box is also a limited edition. And once this production run sells out, we will not bring it back.

Grateful Dead Trivia: The dancing bears were drawn by Bob Thomas as part of the back cover for the album History of the Grateful Dead, Volume One (Bear's Choice) (1973). The bear is a reference to Owsley "Bear" Stanley, who recorded and produced the album. Owsley Stanley was an American audio engineer and clandestine chemist. He was a key figure in the San Francisco Bay Area hippie movement during the 1960s and played a pivotal role in the counterculture of the 1960s. Under the professional name Bear, he was the soundman for the Grateful Dead.

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