Knight Rider Lunch Box

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"...a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist." Lucky for you our new Knight Rider lunch box does. Itis a thrilling and nostalgic piece of memorabilia that pays homage to the iconic 1980s TV show and its iconic high-tech vehicle, KITT. This metal lunch box features a sleek and classic design that captures the excitement and adventure of the hit TV series.

The front showcases a dynamic image of KITT, the legendary talking car, in all its glory. The sleek black exterior and distinctive red scanner light prominently displayed, reminiscent of action-packed scenes that capture the show's high-speed chases and thrilling adventures. The artwork is vibrant and detailed, showing the essence of KITT's cutting-edge technology and futurisstic design.

The back of the lunch box features an image of Michael Knight (played by David Hasselhoff), the show's protagonist, with his iconic leather jacket and red t-shirt, along with the Knight Rider logo. The retro-style font used for the show's title adds to the nostalgic feel of the lunch box, evoking memories of the classic TV series.

THe durable metal construction, with a hinged lid and a plastic handle for easy carrying, along with a latch closure, ensures the contents remain secure during storage. The interior is spacious and also practical.

The Knight Rider lunch box is not only a functional container but also a collectible piece of TV show memorabilia that is sure to delight fans of the show and car enthusiasts alike. It's a perfect addition to any Knight Rider fan's collection or anyone who appreciates the thrilling adventures and cutting-edge technology of KITT and Michael Knight.


  • Classic metal lunch box
  • All-over artwork
  • Collapsible plastic handle
  • Strong fixtures


  • Measures 8.75" wide, 6.75" tall, and 4" deep
  • Shipping weight: 3 lbs.