Hot Wheels Lunch Box

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Rev up your adventures with our Hot Wheels lunch box, a must-have accessory for fans of speed, adrenaline, and the iconic toy car brand that has been igniting imaginations for generations.

The front of this metal lunch box features a dynamic design showcasing a vibrant and thrilling Hot Wheels blue car from the racetrack duo. The attention to detail and bold colors capture the excitement of Hot Wheels play, transporting you to a world where every journey is a race to remember. The back of the lunch box complements the design with the companion red car, enhancing its authenticity.

Featuring a sturdy handle and a metal clasp closure, this lunch box is easy to carry and securely seals. The metal construction adds a touch of retro charm, hearkening back to the classic era of Hot Wheels cars and racetracks.

Whether you're a longtime collector of Hot Wheels cars, a racing enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the thrill of speed, this Hot Wheels metal lunch box is a vibrant and exciting choice to showcase your love for the iconic toy brand.


  • Action-packed design featuring Hot Wheels cars
  • Durable metal construction for long-lasting value
  • Sturdy handle and metal clasp closure for easy carrying and secure storage
  • Nostalgic, vintage flair for added charm and appeal
  • Perfect for Hot Wheels fans and collectors of car memorabilia


  • Measures 8.75 inches wide, 6.75 tall, and 4 deep
  • Shipping weight: 3 lbs.