Lunch Pot Stackable Bento

Black and Blum

$ 24.95 
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The Lunch Pot is two separate watertight containers that twist-lock together and then carried to work with the silicone handle strap. It's a modern re-thinking of the classic Indian tiffin. Want to take yogurt for a late breakfast and noodles for lunch? Not a problem because a stainless steel spork (fork and spoon) is included. Built to last.

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  • Perfect for taking a balanced meal to work
  • Set includes two watertight containers and a stainless steel spork
  • You can leave one container at home and take just the other on light lunch days
  • Very simple to clean and store


  • Measures 7.7" inches tall, 4.75 across
  • Total capacity is 30 Oz (900 mL)
  • Top large container holds 20 Oz (600 mL)
  • Bottom smaller container holds 10 Oz (300 mL)
  • Shipping weight: 2 lbs.