Dungeons & Dragons Metal Lunch Box


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Take your love for the world of Dungeons & Dragons to the next level with this vibrant red metal lunch box. Inspired by the iconic tabletop role-playing game, this lunch box is designed for adventurers who are always ready to embark on epic quests and explore fantastical realms.

The front of our lunch box showcases a dynamic design featuring the D&D iconic logo, along with vivid artwork depicting a brave warrior battling a fearsome red dragon. The detailed artwork and bold colors capture the spirit of the game, igniting your imagination and fueling your sense of adventure. The sideband has additional artwork of the D&D logo and a dice set, adding to its authenticity and charm.

Featuring a sturdy red plastic handle and a metal clasp closure, this lunch box is easy to carry and securely seals. The metal construction also gives it a classic, nostalgic look that's sure to be a hit among fans of the game and collectors of D&D memorabilia.

Whether you're a seasoned player of Dungeons & Dragons or a new adventurer just beginning your quest, our red metal lunch box is a must-have accessory for showcasing your love for the game and adding a touch of fantasy to your gaming routine. It’s also a great box to store your D&D swag!


  • Metal lunchbox with full color artwork
  • Dice images on the sideband
  • Collapsible red plastic handle
  • Classic look and feel
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  • Measures about 9 inches wide, 7.5 tall, and 3.5 deep
  • Shipping weight: 3 lbs.