Briefcase Attache Lunch Box - Case of 12

$ 156.00  $ 174.00
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This is our bulk case of 12 Briefcase Attache Lunchboxes at the discounted price of $13.00 per lunch box, with free ground shipping within USA. The Briefcase Attache Lunch Box is ideal for anyone looking for promotional packaging, for playing Deal Or No Deal, as a lightweight tote or a thin lunch box, or to store your important tchotchkes. You may order multiples of these case-packs of 12 and still get free ground USA shipping.


  • Each case has 12 Briefcase Attache Lunchboxes
  • Each lunchbox is individually polybagged
  • Perfect choice of customizing, gift packaging, and corporate events


  • Each lunchbox measures about 12.25 inches wide, 9.5 tall, and 2.25 deep
  • Case-pack measures 22" wide, 15" tall, and 13" across
  • Shipping Weight: 32 lbs.