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Zorro Lunch Box

Zorro Lunch Box

Alexis P |

Zorro Vintage Lunchbox

Zorro Collectors Lunchbox

Our Zorro lunch box is from 1958, the very early days of classic lunch boxes. Made by the Aladdin Company only a few years after the legendary Hopalong Cassidy lunch box that many consider to be the first classic lunch box of the modern era, the Zorro is a true vintage collectible. This one is now on display in our permanent collection.


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What would the value of this lunch box be without the thomas. I have one in pretty good condition


In the early 60’s, my Father had bought me this Zorro 3-D surface image (non-flat surface of Zorro image on horse) lunch box with thermos. Do you have a matching thermos?

Tony Flores,

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