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Vintage Thermos Bottles

Vintage Thermos Bottles

Alexis P |

Gifted by a neighbor in our local Buy Nothing group, these are three of the coolest vintage insulated bottles we have in our collection. All three are vacuum insulated and glass-lined. From our experience, this combination is probably the best method of heat retention. The drawback is that glass is fragile and will shatter if the bottle is dropped. So we're particularly lucky to get these bottles with the glass lining completely intact.

The two bottles on the left are made by the Thermos Company. At the time of manufacture, the company was known as King Seeley Thermos. The first is a food thermos with a wide mouth. The middle one is a classic coffee thermos. The large bottle on the right is made by Aladdin Industries, an early pioneer of the licensed metal lunch box.

All three bottles are now part of our permanent collection.


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