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Vintage Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Lunch Box

Mickey Mouse Lunchbox

Alexis P |

Mickey Mouse Lunch Box

Donald Duck Lunch Box

Made by Adco Liberty in 1954, this Disney licensed vintage metal lunch box shows Mickey Mouse on the front, while the backside has Donald Duck and his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie. It is extremely rare because shortly after it was produced in 1954, Adco lost their Disney license. So no further versions of this lunchbox were manufactured after 1954.

This particular lunch box is part of our permanent collection. While it is available for photo shoots and movie placement, it's not for sale.



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I have this lunch box it has Walt Disney production written on side is it worth keeping or selling it I have no need for it , it has no other writing on it and picture is same on back as front with mickey, Pluto and hewed,Dewey and lewey on it I school bus

Sharon williams ,

I have this from my school days 1956

Cheryl Robinson ,

I have this box and just says made in USA on bottom. Is it Adco

Marcia locke,

I have the same one but it doesn’t say adco on the bottom it only says made in USA imprinted
How do I know it’s original it has the Mickey emblem on top. And three copyrights on differed sides
I appreciate the help


Hello I have a similar lunch box. What is the approx value of these?

Vicky Hallion,

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