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Top Secrets to Staying Healthy And Happy

How to Stay Happy

Jason Belden |

It has become a very big challenge to keep yourself healthy in today's running life. Every person suffers from some type of illness. In this period of time, you will find fewer people who have had no medicines. All of these diseases are due to our daily routine and bad eating habits.

If you want to keep yourself fit and you want that you do not have medicines, then you have to make changes in your daily routine. You can make yourself healthier by doing a little bit of hard work.

1. Early morning habit
It seems a very small thing but it is very effective. If you add habit of getting up early in the morning and go for morning walk of 1 hour, you will see major changes in your health. Just wake up in the morning and you will get inspiration from it and by the evening you will feel relaxed. Believe me if you start walking in the morning and start jogging then you will feel a different confidence inside yourself.

2. Walking habits
We often saw that we use rickshaws or bikes for a short distance. This is wrong. If you can go somewhere easily without any transportation, do not get help from a bike or a rickshaw. Wherever opportunities get run on foot. Our cholesterol is controlled by walking. Our extra fat is also burned by walking. You probably do not know that walking on foot and fast makes our brain go faster. Walking through our nerves leads to blood circulation in the right way. Therefore, as much as possible, used walking on foot.

3. For peace of mind
Now a days most people are victims of depression. This is nothing but due to mental uncertainty. If you give your mind some comfort then this problem will end. You have to take some time for yourself. You can go to some place for a while where you can sit alone for a while. You have to sit down at least 3 times in a week by closing your eyes and quietly. This method will refresh your mind. You can also take advantage of yoga. You make a habit of meditation. Meditation will remove your mental condition and depression altogether.

4. Understand your body language
Neither make your body more relaxed nor do excess hard work. If you are feeling that you are feeling sleeping while doing work, then going to take a little sleep will prove to be good for you. Do not do anything against your body.

5. Changes in eating habits
By making a change in food you can make a big difference in your lifestyle. Eat whichever you want to eat but that should be nutritious. Make changes in your three time catering. Take breakfast quite a heavy a stomach full diet. In lunch you should take middle quantities of food. The quantities of food taken in lunch must be less than that of in breakfast but greater than that of in dinner. Dinner must be lowest.

Breakfast - Heavy, full your stomach
Lunch - In medium quantity, less than breakfast and greater than dinner
Dinner - In the Lowest Amount

6. Sports Habits

Everyone likes sports. Every person plays very much in his childhood but when he gets older he gets away from playing due to the busyness of time. You feel tired all the time without sports. Your breath starts flowing only by climbing some stairs. All these problems can be overcome, you just have to add sports to your routine. You can plan to play any game on every single weekend. If no one is available, then you have plans to park with your children.

I am pretty sure that if you combine these things with your life, then you will be able to completely change your life.

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