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Star Wars Return of the Jedi Lunch Box with Thermos Bottle

Star Wars Lunch Box with Thermos

Alexis P |

Star Wars Vintage Lunchbox with Thermos Bottle

Return of the Jedi Lunch Box with Thermos Bottle

Our Star Wars lunch box with matching Thermos bottle is from 1983. This vintage lunchbox is unused with the Thermos insert still inside the lunch box. And it's in mint condition. Being a collector's item, it's not for sale and resides in our permanent collection. It is, however, available for studio movie shoots. Contact us if you're interested in loaning this classic from the past.


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Is this particular lunch box for sale?

Tom K.,

I have the empire strikes back thermos and return of the jedi lunch box. What are these worth. Is anyone interested . Both in good condition.


I have this lunch box and thermos and in good condition . Can you give me what the value might be.

Linda E Nissen,

Hi I was looking up the value of past times lunch boxes & came across was wondering the value of my lunchbox I have. Its of “StarWars EmpireStrikeBack” (1980LFL) w/Thermos.Its not broken,has some rust on it,very tiny dents,&thermos in good condition,but overall can it be worth anything or be a collectable? Thank you for your time,&anticipating your response.

David A. Murillo,

Is this still available and how much

Jaimie ,

Do you have Empire Strikes Back and the first one?

Tony A,

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