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Mother Turns Her Sons School Lunch Bags Into Works of Art

Brown Paper Lunch Bag

Michele B |

A mom from Canada decided that sending her children to school with their lunches in brown paper bags was simply too boring. So forty-year-old Jenn Aguilar, from Calgary in Alberta, decided to spice things up a little by using her sons' lunch bags as a canvas from which to show them her love.

Now, Kale, aged 14, and Konnor, who is 12, carry their food to school each day in lunch bags covered in color, with personalized cartoon characters drawn by their mom. Jenn draws everything from cartoon characters to regular objects, all with a side of humor and signing off each bag with a heart and the word 'Mom'.

Every day for the past few months, Jenn has been documenting the 'hand drawn lunch bag adventures' on Instagram.

“I wanted to show my boys how much I love them and give them something to look forward to each and every day,' Jenn told Mashable. 'It's my type of love language.”

“My inspiration comes from whatever the boys are into at the time. Sometimes, it's movies we've seen, music we were listening to or just something I think of.”

Jenn's punny cartoons cover a range of topics including superheroes, food, Voldemort, technology and rappers. Initially her kids were a little unsure about the creative catering and were worried they would get made fun of at school, however now they look forward to see what each new day brings. She says her inspiration comes from whatever the boys are into at the time, with everything from music to movies having an impact.

Some standout puns include plays on food words, “you've stolen a pizza of my heart!” read one, pop culture “How did Spiderman meet his girlfriend? On the web!” and action movie heroes like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, “You are turtle-ley awesome!”. Jenn has only been making the colorful lunch bags for the past two months, during which time she has gained a popular following of more than 450 people on her Instagram page.

Original article by James Gordon appears in the Daily Mail.
Photo by Wavebreak 3 / Adobe


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