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Minnie Mouse Lunch Box

Minnie Mouse Lunch Box

Alexis P |

From a case of new old stock we found in the back of our shop, our Minnie Mouse lunch box is a delightful and enchanting piece of memorabilia that captures the timeless charm of Disney's beloved character. This lunch box features a sturdy metal construction with an embossed design, adding texture and depth to its appearance. The front of the lunch box showcases a captivating image of Minnie Mouse, with her iconic polka dot dress, bow, and bright smile.

The embossed details bring Minnie to life, making her presence on the lunch box truly enchanting. With its secure latch closure and spacious interior, the Minnie Mouse lunch box is not only a collectible keepsake but also great as a storage box. It is a must-have for Disney enthusiasts, fans of Minnie Mouse, or anyone who appreciates the whimsy and magic that Minnie brings to our lives.
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