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Knight Rider Lunch Box

Knight Rider Lunch Box

Alexis P |

Knight Rider Metal Lunch Box

Here's a sneak preview of our classic Knight Rider metal lunch box. It's going in to production soon. And if all goes well, we expect them sometime during late Fall or early Winter. It continues our 1980s theme for this year.

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Where can I buy a Knight Rider lunch box.

George Michailidis,

How much is it for the knight rider lunch box.

Patty Willess ,

Can not wait for a KITT ! Let me / us know! How about an Airwolf themed one?!

Brian Bigelow,

I need that for my collection it’s dope.

Alberto L.,

I will buy one too

Mike ,

Let me know when available I a huge Knight rider fan

David wills ,

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