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John Wayne Metal Lunch Box

John Wayne Lunch Box

Alexis P |

From our permanent lunch box collection on display here at our retail store in Pasadena, California, this is our vintage looking John Wayne Metal Lunch Box. The sepia toned backside of this lunchbox shows John Wayne in his classic western gear with the caption The Duke. While not for sale, this lunch box is available for photo and movie shoots.

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Hello do you have this lunch box if so how much for it?

J Larson ,

1978johnwaynelunchbox going for

Corinne Discher,

I would love to purchase this lunchbox for my Grandpa for Christmas………..I will offer $15.00

Mia Lona,

I have one of these lunchbox and was woundering what I could get out of it?

Laura Harwell ,

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