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Jimi Hendrix Lunch Box

Jimi Hendrix Lunch Box

Alexis P |

Jimi Hendrix Vintage Lunch Box

Jimi Hendrix Embossed Lunch Box

Our new Jimi Hendrix metal lunch box reminds us of the classic ones from the 1960s and 70s. It's made of thicker gauge metal and is embossed as well. The artwork is absolutely stunning. It's from the album cover of Axis Bold As Love.

Formed in 1966, The Jimi Hendrix Experience included Jimi Hendrix, drummer Mitch Mitchell, and bassist Noel Redding. The band lasted only until 1969. But within those short 3 years, the group released three albums that changed rock 'n roll. Axis Bold As Love is the second of these three albums.

Jimi Hendrix Trivia: Ever the showman, Hendrix’s many guitar-playing quirks became part of his legend: In addition to playing with his teeth, behind his back, or without touching the instrument’s strings, he also played his guitar upside-down - though there was a very simple reason for that. He was left-handed. (His father tried to get him to play right-handed, as he considered left-handed playing a sign of the devil.)


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Can i buy this?

Aleksandra Wilk,

Is this hendrix lunchbox for sale also

Jodi Parrish ,

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