Big Bird Lunch Box

Big Bird Lunch Box

This is a sneak preview of our upcoming Big Bird embossed lunch box. It is the latest from our popular Sesame Street collection. The ETA for this lunch box is the last week of December. We already had Elmo and Cookie Monster. And we still have the entire Sesame Street cast lunch box as well. Much like our other metal lunch boxes, the Big Bird one is also a limited edition. Once it's gone, this design will not come back.

Big Bird Trivia: It only makes sense that Big Bird should be part of a big family. While he was raised by his Granny Bird, there’s an occasional reference to a Mommy and Daddy, along with a sister named Esmeralda. Big Bird flew Granny’s coop when he was still a chick. And the next time anyone saw him was on Sesame Street!


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