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NYC Food Truck Lunch: Classic Corned Beef Sandwich From Deli and Dogz

Food Truck Lunch

Michele B |

New York City is known for putting many items on the culinary map, and one of our favorites is Jewish deli food. Nothing beats a classic pastrami or corned beef sandwich on rye with mustard.

We’ve already tried the hot pastrami sandwich from Deli & Dogz (which used to be called Katz & Dogs, until Katz’s Deli objected). Next up was the corned beef sammie.

Deli & Dogz charged $12 for the sandwich, but it was piled high with meat, and came with a pickle and side of cole slaw, potato salad or macaroni salad.

We were thinking of getting 1/2 sandwich, a knish and a soda for $11.75, but were a little disappointed they only had those square potato knishes. Last time we went to Deli & Dogz, they had kasha knishes, but not anymore. You can see their full menu here.

The corned beef was tasty though, with a small strip of fat on the outside of each slice, which helped keep the meat from drying out.

Did we mention the sandwich was stacked to the ceiling with meat? The corned beef was high enough that the rye bread separated from the crust a couple of bites into each sandwich half.

The cole slaw was very creamy, just as we like, but still had a vinegary tang in each bite.

Speaking of tangy, the pickles are full sour pickles. We prefer half sour, but that’s just our taste. Plenty of people we know love full sour pickles, and these were good.

If you want a classic NYC deli lunch, Deli & Dogz delivers. Sandwiches can get expensive, but you can also have an inexpensive lunch by getting a Hebrew National hot dog with the works (mustard, sauerkraut and relish) for only $3. Two of those babies are plenty to eat for lunch for a grand total of $6. That’s a few dollars more than standard NYC dirty water dogs, but the jump in quality is definitely worth it in our opinion.

You can find Deli & Dogz on Twitter here. As a reminder, here’s a picture of our pastrami lunch from Deli & Dogz a couple of years ago, which was even better!

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