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How to Play: Ghost

Ghost Costume Lunch Box

Jane Action |

Lose the game, and become a "ghost."

What you need:

 All you need for this game is at least two players.

How to play: This is a word game in which players take turns adding letters to a growing word fragment, but they cannot complete the word. A player who completes a word loses that round and receives a letter of the word "ghost," as in the basketball game Horse. Each fragment must be the start of an actual word.

The rules: The person whose turn it is may challenge the previous player to prove the current fragment is actually a word. If the player can name the word, the challenger loses that round. If the challenged player cannot name a word, that player loses the round.

How to win: The first person who receives all the letters in the word "ghost" is the loser of the game.

What else you need to know: In some versions of the game, players that have gotten out of the game continue to participate by trying to distract other players and turn them into ghosts. If a player does not have all the letters of the word "ghost" and he or she talks to an existing ghost, they are immediately out of the game and become a ghost.

Photo by Ryan Gagnon of Unsplash


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