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3 New Ways to Find a Healthy Lunch, Fast

Fast Healthy Lunch

Alexis CSR |

Sandwiched (lunch pun!) right in the middle of the work day and easily neglected, making a decision for lunch has long been an ongoing problem. More and more workplaces are offering fully stocked kitchens to employees, but the variety of snack options are often no healthier than the greasy takeout options outside of the office. And spending nights prepping packed lunches that will magically stay fresh by the next day? Well, let’s just say that if you were able to accomplish everything on your Pinterest board, you’d likely be hanging poolside with Gwyneth planning the next edition of Goop—instead of constantly polling your coworkers on G-chat for mid-day meal options.

But lately, there's been some cutting-edge developments in accessible, healthy meals. These are the three that we are keeping an eye on and can't wait to try out.

Eat healthy without the wait.
It can be soul crushing when you finally find a 10-minute window to get away from your desk and head to the one healthy lunch place in walking distance, only to see a line snaking out the door. But a new Google Search mobile feature rolled out last week, adding wait times for popular restaurants to its mobile search results. Google will use background GPS data to extrapolate how much traffic establishments get throughout the day, letting savvy searchers time their salad bowl run perfectly—and effectively avoiding that hangry, stressed emotion while waiting in line.

Buy organic without breaking the bank.
After years of being referred to as “Whole Paycheck,” popular health food chain Whole Foods announced earlier this year that they plan to launch a new, lower-priced store line targeted primarily to millennials. Called ‘365,’ the store not only will be cheaper for food just as organically healthy, it’ll also feature top design, technology and music throughout the store. The grocery chain is already in negotiations for store locations, and plans to open a handful of 365's as early as next year.

Score delivery with a healthy twist.
Tons of hot startups have zoomed onto the scene and promise freshly-made, healthy meals delivered right to your door—often for much less than the cost of a Chipotle burrito with a side of guacamole. One option that's become more popular over the past year are nationwide services like Postmates and Caviar, which will send a messenger to drop off food from restaurants that don’t have delivery services of their own. An equally attractive option are the startups like San Francisco’s Sprig (and its competitors Thistle and Spoonrocket), which will bring you freshly-made meals prepared with locally-sourced ingredients, all cooked up by famous chefs poached from bigger restaurants in less than 15 minutes, for under $10. Our personal adorable favorite? Daily Harvest’s hand-delivered adorable smoothie blender cups: single-serve cups packed with fruits and veggies frozen at peak freshness, to be tossed in a blender with a little water or milk.


Original article by Beejoli Shah appears on Self.
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