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Day 2 - Banana in a Bun!

Banana Bun Lunch Box

Jane Action |

Today’s sandwich selection is called Banana in a Bun.  I don’t remember which site I got this one from, but it appeared to be geared toward kids.  For anyone that knows me, I consider myself something of a child at heart and when it comes to food, I’ve been known to down the occasional Twinkie.  And although I enjoy all the ingredients in this recipe (banana, peanut butter, jelly, and a hot dog bun), the thought of eating a banana like a hot dog seemed a little weird and I wasn’t entirely sure that the taste would pan out either.  I had some doubts as I put it together this morning:

And of course you knew I had to point out another hard-to-find item from my personal lunchbox collection, this time the classic 1960s flick about FREEDOM, man!  That’s right, my Easy Rider lunchbox.  Nothing like eating your lunch and imagining you’re on the side of the road taking a break from zooming across America in your hog.  This was another limited edition so the store doesn’t have any more, but you CAN pick up a cool Jimi Hendrix lunchbox.  I’m sure that’s what those guys were listening to when they were on the road back in 1969. See how easy it is for me to get off track when I start writing about lunchboxes?  Okay, back to the recipe.  So the trick is to not assemble the Banana-in-a-Bun UNTIL you get to work or school.  I almost made that mistake this morning, but caught myself in time to down the banana by itself as a healthy morning snack.  Okay, so here’s what it looks like all put together.  (the banana broke in half as I was peeling it…oops!)

There it is.  In case you’re wondering what kind of hot dog bun that is, it’s a honey-wheat version from Trader Joe’s.  Just like the Veggie Bagel  yesterday, I like to trick myself into eating healthy.  Errr, healthiER. It actually was pretty good!  Basically tasted like what you would think, a peanut-butter and jelly with banana sandwich.  The hidden benefit here is that you don’t peel the banana until you’re ready to assemble and eat the thing.  There’s nothing worse that warm, sweaty fruit at lunchtime and that’s what I would think you would risk by doing a premature full assembly in the morning.  This way you get a nice sweet mid-day treat with some fresh fruit thrown in for good measure.  I think this one is going to win the week’s award for easiest to prepare.  It’s just a matter of spreading the peanut butter on one side of the bun and the jelly on the other.  The recipe I saw mentioned that you can substitute honey for the jelly.  For me that’d be too much syruppy sweet I think.  But, as today’s lunch shows, you just never know.

Photo courtesy of Vanessa Loring from Pexels

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