KOR Delta Water Bottle - Sawgrass Green


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Our KOR Delta water bottle, this one in sawgrass green color, incorporates everything we've learned about the art of high-style and high-performance hydration. It's an on-the-go vessel designed with a confident personality and ground-breaking new features such as a cushioned base, no-worry cap, and a perfect drinking spout.

KOR Delta Video


  • Made from durable and beautifully clear BPA-free Eastman Tritan
  • Easy to clean
  • One-handed, push-button operation, flips your water bottle open, then stays out of your way while you drink
  • Easy to fill with ice cubes, yet small enough to minimize splashes
  • Safety latch on the cap keeps bottle spill proof
  • Great for use in both outdoor and indoor activities
  • Recommended for cold and room temperature drinks only


  • Holds about 25.3 Oz. (750 mL)
  • Measures 10.5 inches tall
  • Shipping weight: 2 lb.