Bento Lunchbox Container Kit


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Our Bento Lunchbox Container Kit makes packing lunch simpler and easier than ever. These modular containers snap together in multiple configurations to efficiently use the space in your lunch box or bag. The containers are ideally portioned for your favorite foods with handy measurements on the sides of each container. Your lunch also stays chilled on the go with the snap-in ice pack. This bento lunch kit is conveniently microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. All containers snap together around the included ice pack so foods stays crisp and fresh without refrigeration. Designed to work together to save space, the kit will stay organized in any lunch bag.


  • Makes portion control and packing lunch easier than ever
  • Containers can be stacked to fit various lunch bag shapes and sizes
  • Durable containers have a secure lid seal to prevent leaking
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe, BPA free
  • Ice pack keeps your lunch cool on the go
  • Made in USA


  • Measures about 4.81 inches long, 5.625 wide, and 5.25 tall when stacked
  • Sandwich container holds 2.6 cups (615 mL)
  • Side container holds 1.2 cups (283 mL)
  • Two snack containers hold 0.5 cups (118 mL) each
  • Shipping weight: 2 lbs.